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Project Barghest
300 bhp - A How To


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401bhp FE3 (Fe DOHC) Turbo

Ah yes, the FE3 Mazda engine. It has more bhp than the F2T, it has dual over head camshafts, four valves per cyclinder, and tougher than hell. And the best thing about it...If you were to take your F2T out, the FE3 would drop right into its place, it would wrap that car snuggly around itself and take you for the ride of your life.
Here are some links for information on how to go about doing the engine swap, and some links to websites of others that have done it.

300+bhp with the F2T

If doing an engine swap isn't your thing and you feel you want to stay with the stock F2T engine then here is some information on how to get 300+bhp out of it. Thanks to "Probe This" from the forum for providing the information for all to see and learn from.
"How to make 300+ hp out of a f2t

First off, I know everyone's wondering my setup, so here it is.
I'm using the stock 330s that my motor came with, aeromotive fpr, Matt's Holley fmu, msd 6a, magnecor 8.5mm wires, JE forged pistons, Pauter chrome-moly rods, Colt cam regrind, garret t3 .60/.63 from an 86 Turbo coupe, Greddy Profec B controlling boost levels, NX wet kit (50 shot), walbro 255HP fuel pump, Jay b. reprogrammed chip, Port and polished head, ported intake manifold, custom exhaust manifold, Deltagate external wastegate, 3" mandrel bent exhaust as much as possible, 2.5" mandrel bent IC piping where possible, bottle necked to 1 7/8" at the Starion FMIC. I have a phantom grip 905 with race springs installed for traction, I still have to replace the 5th gear shift fork, cuz it pops out of gear on me. I have have amsoil full synthetic gear lube in my tranny, and I'm finally running Mobil 1 supersynthetic oil in the motor. I have almost 3k miles on my motor. I have Ground control coil-overs with tokico Illumina 5-ways struts in the front. I have a pacesetter sts to speed up my shifts. I still have my air conditioning, power steering, power windows, and automatic seatbelts. I have removed all sound deadening, padding, rear seats and brackets, front and rear bumper supports. Last time I weighed the car with spare tire, jack, toolbox, and some misc stuff it weighed in at 2780lbs. Without the crap I'm probably sitting at 2700lbs or so, will find out someday. haha"

- Probe This

With his set up noted above, he was running 12.521 @ 108mph 308hp 369ft/lbs Best 1/8th 8.015@88mph