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About Me


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I was born in Victoria, B.C. Canada and moved to a nice small town far up north called Kitimat. Kitimat is basically my "true" home, it's where I really grew up. I spent 20 years there before I finally moved to Calgary, A.B. which I have to say is a great city, wicked night life and there's always stuff to do. But after only 1 year of living there I had to move back to Kitimat. I missed to much of the outdoor life I guess, the mountains, the ocean, real lakes, waterfalls, canyons and rivers....none of that man made crap, the bush and all the wildlife. But there was still a problem. I was growing up and there just wasn't anything besides memories left in Kitimat for me. So now I'm living in Victoria, B.C. and it's awesome. I still miss having the great outdoors literally, across the road from my house but there's plenty of beauty down on the island, just gotta drive a bit to get to it that's all and the weather here is amazing.